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NOW APPEARING - "Live At Vertigo" 
Bellevue, WA and the Eastside's New Manhattan-Style Jazz Club  

Bellevue, WA -  Restaurant magnate Bill Khanne of Chutney's fame took one look and listen to Neal Golden, and he knew Golden had to head up the newest entrée to Jazz in the NW. Now, Jazz has come to the Eastside - convenient to 405 off 8th SW - 989 112th Ave NE.

Golden's venue includes Top NW Jazz Greats assembled  under his careful tutelage and tips from his long-time good friend, jazz great and entertainment manager, Overton Berry. Golden showcases top talent and emerging talent weekly in his seamless, high-quality Vegas-style shows. The result is a surprising and varied high-quality venue.

Golden who's played with 'his Friends.." shows in Vallarta and in Belltown's Cafe Amore', drops in at Bellevue's newest Euro-chic Hot Spot like in an Italian slipper, as do some of the NW's top stars who drop in. You're sure to enjoy the best in dining with Vertigo's owners and their  Tuscany chef Stefano Massi's excellent cuisine.

Experience great Italian Cuisine, classic standards' jazz music and new friends. All "Live at Vertigo." It's right off 405 at 8th SW. Turn North two blocks - park underneath.  Bring friends and colleagues - for a great party!

Neal Golden and "Live at Vertigo" starts at 6 PM for Weds, Thurs, Friday and Saturday shows. Call 425-467-6767 for Dinner Reservations.

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