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Neal Golden and Natasha Lekwa, daughter, performing with 30 of China's Top Stars - Aug. 18, 2007, Overlake Auditorium Redmund, WA

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NEAL GOLDEN – Top Industry Voices' Confirmation of Golden's Talents, Nov. 2004

Beverly Hills, CA – Nov. 2004

Entertainment people applaud Neal Golden’s return to music and revitalized recording and performing career.  Re-discovered by the Hollywood set in 2004, and re-con firmed by a major talent agencies’ former VP, Neal Golden's voice and performances are garnering  accolades:

Warren Cowan, Beverly Hills PR guru

Cowan is elated to be working with Lekwa. "Not only is Neal Golden, Lekwa's stage name, a world-class performer with enough talent to headline nearly any venue in the world, but the work of his Foundation and those he serves is truly worthy of assistance."

said Warren Cowan, whose other current clients include Paul Newman, Mandalay Bay Resorts, Wayne Newton, Aaron Spelling and to the late Merv Griffin. "We look forward to being able to assist Neal in his work. We can bring major talent and innovative PR ideas to help bring these "client" foundations to full life," Cowan concludes.  

(Note: Lekwa's fundraiser plans include retaining the Cowan firm for, Calbert Group's non-profit arm, to be able to utilize the services of one of the world's leading PR firms. )  Warren Cowan and Associates, the Beverly Hills PR firm to Hollywood's Stars & Celebrities, corporations and Foundations, including non-profits, has assisted many Foundations with their fundraisers, including the Starkey Hearing Foundation in Minneapolis, MN.  This year alone, Cowan and Associates helped Starkey raise over 2.7 million dollars at its fundraiser headlined by Elton John.



After 35 years in the talent industry, and V.P. of the two largest, most powerful talent agencies in the world, ICM and the William Morris Agency, Jay Jacobs now offers his knowledge, expertise, and guidance directly to singers and artists.

While in L.A. Jacobs' talent agency credits have included guiding the careers of such Grammy Award Winning, multi-platinum artists as Jackson Browne, Ashford & Simpson, Al Jarreau,  George Benson, Diana Ross, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Donna Summer, The Temptations, Simon & Garfunkel and the Beach Boys... 


“Neal, what a treat! You're terrific man. Tell me about yourself. Where, when, how?  Let me know itinerary, past bookings, future schedule, etc. I want to know as much as possible. I've known the Cowan people forever. They're terrific and they're right, again! I can listen to your goods all night. I'm thrilled to play a small part in your success. Thank you, buddy.  It'll be a great pleasure to help as much as I can.

Jay Jacobs, former Vice President, Wm Morris Agency // ICM Agency


“We welcome Neal Golden back to our stage for a second time. He is a fabulous performer,” Detlef Schrempf, NBA Star and Foundation head. (Neal Golden's "live auction" Concert in 2005 moved to center stage, taking over the slot for Ernestine Anderson's Live Auction “Private Party for 50” package" The Neal Golden concert was "live-auctioned" for $5500.)


“To say that Neal Golden is an acquired taste, that's new, original but distinctively if not vaguely familiar, a voice from the ‘60’s to the ‘90’s, laced with remembrances of all the greats is like saying ‘you've discovered everything in one spice cabinet’ or in one singer. For whether it’s Tom Jones, Kenny Rogers, Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Engelbert, or Elton, Neal Golden’s vocal ability allows him to deliver the goods.”

A Hollywood reporter


“Neal Golden has obviously a well-trained voice. I can hear the diaphragm  training that has gone into it…”

Karen Krog,  Norway’s leading jazz vocalist


“My God! It’s phenomenal, the phrasing, the tones and delivery. It’s all there – no matter what kind of music it is. ”

Dick Engstrom, Seattle impresario


“Few singers can feel equally at home with Urban and Country music. Golden can wear two hats, literally - a black leather cowboy hat and his white straw fedora – and when he puts on either, it’s not just ‘country mouse or city mouse’ – Golden  delivers the goods, and with a big, resonant unforgettable sound.”

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From: Jay Jacobs 
Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2004 10:02 PM

To: Neal Golden

“You really could do the Cruise ship circuit – or the Casino’s – as each night's set can be a whole new entry into another musical world..”  
Jay Jacobs.

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